Wednesday, May 20, 2009

After a recent Facebook post Nicole made of a short home video, showing off David (4 months old) and his rolling over abilities...I decided I really NEEDED some baby lovin'. Oh my...David has got to be genetically altered or something. It is unreal how happy he is...ALL THE FLIPPIN' TIME! And did I mention the cuteness overload?

A little wobbly...hehehe



I love Nicole's ring in this shot.
He even had a sweet little nap while over. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a baby sleep.

I also want to give mention that Nicole is a SUPER-GIFTED designer of handbags and such. She designs and creates all of her products and her business is local. Supporting and promoting local businesses is pretty important to any community. I want to invite EVERYONE in the whole WORLD to check out her collection at

Here's a new product that she brought over to the session today, and I just couldn't resist showing it off. I LOVE Poka dots!
You should also add her blog to your list of regular viewing, because that girl is always coming up with new fabrics and new designs. She's got wristlets on sale AND a special $15 gift certificate for the creative person that comes up with a name for her new bag.

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Sarah Rimel said...

His hair is FANTASTIC! haha
And gorgeous eyes. What a beautiful baby. Oh, and I will definitely be checking out her blog - thanks for the tip!

Big Shot Photographer said...

Thats the coolest baby hair ever. He's like a tiny Ace Ventura. Love the pics.