Friday, May 8, 2009 a guilty, yet typical, mom...I tend to sort of celebrate holidays belated. My family knows that all too well. Better late than never, I say. :) Last week we finally got around to constructing the gooey, yummy, goodness of the Easter cookie cake my granny bought the kids. We spent forever decorating...and about 2 seconds eating it. I guess that's the way it's supposed to work, huh.


On Wednesday, Niki and I went along to Tate's school field trip to AMC to see Disney's "Earth" movie. It was really very good...although, of course I let the kids choose where to sit.. big mistake. Front row. I still don't think my neck's back to normal. Then afterward we all went to English Landing's playground for a picnic and some fun. Niki even got to play with her new friend Sydney (the younger sister of one of Tate's basketball teammates). It was a perfect afternoon...almost. After Sydney's mom twirled the girls around on the tire swing for about half an hour, we left and went to the Sprint store (yes...I'm having phone issues AGAIN!). We walk to the front counter to check in the phone, I say about 2 sentences to the Sprint associate before Niki projectile vomits her lunch all over the floor. I was totally speechless...and frozen. When I finally managed to grasp hold of what had just happened, I realized the associate had dash away to the back room. Weak stomach, I guess. Good times, right? ...but wait..she's not done. So I pick her up and the only thing I can think to do is run her out the front door...where she pucks all over the concrete right in front of the entrance. Now there is vomit covering the outside entrance and in front of the front counter. Sprint customers are having to jump over the mess just to get in the store. Wonderful. ...I spent about 10 minutes cleaning up her mess, and go home with my broken phone. Better luck some other time, I guess.

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Sarah Rimel said...

Oh man! Well, I actually witnessed the same thing happen to another mother and daughter once. I believe it was at Schnucks in Columbia many years ago. I was in line to rent a movie, and the lady in front of me was being checked out when her daughter hurled. Funny enough, they also had a weak stomached employee. haha

Ashley said...

HA HA HA!! When I still worked at the Sprint store, that happened to another woman! Her son was running in circles around the store the whole time she was being helped (like 20 minutes), and all the sudden he stopped and puked in the middle of the store! It was so funny!

Focus Photo and Video said...

Would this be the Zona Rosa location? If so I'll have to ask my friend Andy who works there about this.

Click Photography Owner said...

No, it was the Sprint store at the Legends. I had tons of errands to do after stopping for the phone,...did I get to do any of them? Nope. That's the way it goes.