Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yes...Yes...I've neglected my blog lately...but only because I've been buried under wrapping paper, scissors, tape, print orders, boxes, Christmas decorations, ...I've been a busy bee trying to get everyone's orders put in before Christmas.  But, time's been running out and I really needed to get this Grosdidier family their pictures done.  

This is the coolest family...and when Karla (aka: family organizer) called and asked if I would get some nice family shots while her brother was in town, OF COURSE I was IN!  However, can't exactly say I was prepared for walking into a room filled with 22 people ready to be in front of the camera. HAHA!  I can officially say, that is one of the largest family group shots I've ever least, indoors anyway.  BUT I DID IT!  

This is two humorous shots of the chaos that comes along with 22 people confined in a room and having a camera shoved in their face.
...and this is weeeeellllll worth it.  What a good lookin' family!
These are the two responsible for all the rest of the 20 people.



...and this is Karla and David (total Mini and Mickey wannabees)


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Amanda said...

I love this picture it reminds me on Niki and Tate:) Good job sister

Karen Koehn said...

I agree... Good JOb Sister. These photos turned out amazing. Thank you again!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.