Thursday, December 25, 2008

So...where would I be without my lil sista. Amanda-Maria-Antionio-Bandarez (our pet names for eachother)...didn't like my idea of doing pot roast for Christmas dinner. So she threw on an apron and whipped up a fabulous, super-tasty, glorifying Mexican fiesta dinner. It was sooooooo good I just about burst out of my clothes from eating so much. We had gobs and gobs of food.
Then, after we feasted, it as time for a little gift exchange. So this group of pictures is the series of pics I got when Niki opened up her "life-size-Barbie".

The first pic is of her with her new plastic friend (who she named Nickalina).

The second pic is her carrying Nickalina off to her bedroom.

The third pic is of Niki showing back up to the living room wearing her doll's clothes (how they fit, I'll never know).

The fourth pic is the her brother's reaction.
...I then went and found the near-naked Nickalina doll and had my Dad hold it for a quick snap shot. hehehe






Thought this series of Tate using his great-grandma for target practice...was priceless. I told Mimi a mere pillow wouldn't save her.

Ahhhh....and then it was Christmas morning. A beautiful pink glow at the window told me a quick photo was necessary to capture the Christmas magic. This next shot is the view of my backyard at 7:34am...right about the peaceful silence was broken with Niki's shrieking when she was her new Barbie Jeep Powerwheels. Yikes!

I hope everyone woke up today refreshed and happy. It is a beautiful day! Wishing everyone that warm feeling that being at home and around loved ones brings!

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Amanda(sister) said...

Love all the pictures..except one. and you know which one,thanks for putting that online for the entire world to see hehehehe. Love You Lots<3

Robert Robillard said...

That missle launcher would DISPAPEAR quickly in my house,
ha-ha great pics