Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm way behind on blogging, I know...just have a million different things going on at home, to the home, lots of open sessions,albums, and a I'm working on several new changes and upgrades to the blog, website, and proofing.  Changes doesn't happen over night...just wishful thinking.

These are a few pics from Tate's school field trip to the Shatto Dairy Farm.  Being as I work from home and have a somewhat flexible schedule, I try to stay involved with his school as much as I can.  So when they asked if the parents wanted to go along on the field trip, I was IN!  Problem is, when siblings come along, the parents aren't allowed to bring them on the I had to follow problem, right?  Well, I had NO IDEA how far we were going...and I started the trip on a near empty tank of gas.  That place took about an hour to get to.  Yikes!  But I made it.  It was raining pretty crazy once we got there, we had to stay in the car FOREVER...Niki and I entertained ourselves by taking turns making silly faces for the camera.

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