Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is Whitney, the daughter of my old boss.  I love Whitney...but I have to spend a moment to talk about her mom, Virgina (aka: Ruthie).  Many people have tons of horror stories about their old bosses, but seriously, this woman is the most beautiful soul.  I don't remember where it was that I heard this explanation, but here's a go:  Some people are friends for life, some are friends at a job, some are friends for a season, some are friends for an event, some are friends for the minute, some are friends that are hidden, but always there...but all types are a part of your life, however long or short, and have contributed something...big or small.  Virginia was a good boss, and is still a good friend.  She may not know it, but she has deposited such a huge contribution into my life.  When I think of her, I can't help but wonder what a beautiful world it would be if only there were more people like her.  

Now Ruthie...hopefully you're not reading this while your family has spiked your drink (like at Ashley's wedding) big cry baby.  ;)   I just want you to know I love ya, girl.

Take a look at the Lovely Whitney!  
This one was fun!  Thank's to Justin...the man-power behind the furniture rearranging. 

This was my playful attempt to capture the mother-daughter relationship.  Did I get it right, Ruthie?

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Sarah Rimel said...

I love the mother-daughter shot! And you must send that Pitch pic in to the Pitch...they may want it for advertising. :-P