Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mondays at my house should be called, "Melissa Mondays". Melissa is my best bud and Mondays are her days off. She comes over EVERY Monday, early or late, so that we can all watch "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". This past Monday she came over early so that we could break out the camera and take some new pictures. She is very close to my two kids, especially Niki, so I took alot of them being their normal goofy selves.

This is Niki stealing some of Aunt Lissa's fashionable style.

At my house, when we are frustrated with each other...we like to squish heads (perspectively speaking). This is Niki holding her pinching fingers up to her eye so that she can squish my head.

She sure doesn't look like my little baby anymore.
And of course, I took some of Melissa by herself. Isn't she cute?
(Hey Guys! She's single right now!)
...and I will probably take a punch from her once she reads this. Did I mention she's strong too?
She definitely has a pair of the most amazing eyes I've ever seen.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Introducing Abigail Marie Fager & Cameron David Koehn!
Abigail was born Feb. 13th and Cameron was born Feb. 15th.

Conveniently enough, the two mommies were able to get rooms right next to each other! How amazing is that?!!!

Cameron's big Brother, Christian came to visit while I was there.
Karen (Mommy) showed him the umbilical cord.
...But that grossed him out and told her to take the baby away. :)
Ok, any mom out there knows that right after giving birth we women do not look our best. We are tired, swollen, and usually without makeup (AHHHH!) naturally Karen wasn't too interested in having her picture taken. BUT...I snapped this and thought it was the most amazing picture. She looks so beautiful holding her new treasure. Hopefully she won't kill me for posting this.
Who doesn't love baby feet!!!
This is the new manly addition to the Koehn Family. Cameron.
He's a little bear, isn't he?

Ok...and this is Abigail. Not happy her binkie was taken away.
...and tired.
I really adore the new and improved newborn ankle-bracelets.

Such a pretty mamasita.

A Gift From God.
Whooo...check out these rolls.
Cameron (on Left) is only a few ounces more, but appears to be so much larger than Abigail.
I am so happy I had a chance to come visit the new mamas, snuggle the babies, and capture some great shots.
Although my first thought this morning, what a day to drive home from the hospital with your newborn baby. Ug.
Good luck Karen & Kristin!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Well, as a mom and photographer I feel like I have really neglected my personal memories of my children. I regretfully admit that I have not done a good job of photographing ordinary days of my children's lives. In fact, I haven't even set aside to take nice portraits of them in a LOOOOONG time. So, today was a perfect opportunity to break out the camera and have some fun.
Although, as always my kids are my most difficult subjects. This picture is a good representation of all the pictures I took for the first half hour....of their backs. They thought it was a game to run away from mommy and her camera. Geeeez.
These next two pictures show my son as the typical leader....
...and my daughter aways just a few steps behind him.
It's kinda hard to see, but Tate is holding a short, fat stick in his hand...that he took away from Niki......and that made her sad...but...
...then she got a BIGGER stick. HAHA!
Can't keep a good gal down.
And after a while she decided it was better suited as a Harry Potter broomstick.
Thought this is a nice comparison of my two angels.
They are such cute little monsters. I suppose I'll keep them around. Besides, Tate's old enough that he's started CHORES! I mean, isn't that the benefit of having kids? Slavery. :)

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

First I must say this is one handsome 1-yr-old! Second, I have to mention, this is not a normal child. This is my second time photographing this little chap, and he is way too happy to be normal.
Ok, ok...I know he is a BOY, but a mom can have her fun!
Aren't these wings adorable!

A little bit of sweetness! I love this kid!!!!

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