Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Well, as a mom and photographer I feel like I have really neglected my personal memories of my children. I regretfully admit that I have not done a good job of photographing ordinary days of my children's lives. In fact, I haven't even set aside to take nice portraits of them in a LOOOOONG time. So, today was a perfect opportunity to break out the camera and have some fun.
Although, as always my kids are my most difficult subjects. This picture is a good representation of all the pictures I took for the first half hour....of their backs. They thought it was a game to run away from mommy and her camera. Geeeez.
These next two pictures show my son as the typical leader....
...and my daughter aways just a few steps behind him.
It's kinda hard to see, but Tate is holding a short, fat stick in his hand...that he took away from Niki......and that made her sad...but...
...then she got a BIGGER stick. HAHA!
Can't keep a good gal down.
And after a while she decided it was better suited as a Harry Potter broomstick.
Thought this is a nice comparison of my two angels.
They are such cute little monsters. I suppose I'll keep them around. Besides, Tate's old enough that he's started CHORES! I mean, isn't that the benefit of having kids? Slavery. :)

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