Sunday, February 17, 2008

Introducing Abigail Marie Fager & Cameron David Koehn!
Abigail was born Feb. 13th and Cameron was born Feb. 15th.

Conveniently enough, the two mommies were able to get rooms right next to each other! How amazing is that?!!!

Cameron's big Brother, Christian came to visit while I was there.
Karen (Mommy) showed him the umbilical cord.
...But that grossed him out and told her to take the baby away. :)
Ok, any mom out there knows that right after giving birth we women do not look our best. We are tired, swollen, and usually without makeup (AHHHH!) naturally Karen wasn't too interested in having her picture taken. BUT...I snapped this and thought it was the most amazing picture. She looks so beautiful holding her new treasure. Hopefully she won't kill me for posting this.
Who doesn't love baby feet!!!
This is the new manly addition to the Koehn Family. Cameron.
He's a little bear, isn't he?

Ok...and this is Abigail. Not happy her binkie was taken away.
...and tired.
I really adore the new and improved newborn ankle-bracelets.

Such a pretty mamasita.

A Gift From God.
Whooo...check out these rolls.
Cameron (on Left) is only a few ounces more, but appears to be so much larger than Abigail.
I am so happy I had a chance to come visit the new mamas, snuggle the babies, and capture some great shots.
Although my first thought this morning, what a day to drive home from the hospital with your newborn baby. Ug.
Good luck Karen & Kristin!

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