Friday, November 13, 2009

I have to given mention to my wonderful surprise off the airplane in Little Rock. How lucky an I to have married into a crazy-Corney family that's just like me. hahahahahaha
I LOVE IT!!!!! I must also say, my sign was WAY better than some other guy's sign off the plane. I passed a man waiting for someone, holding a piece of printer paper that had the name "Dirt" scribbled on it with black crayon. As I passed him, I said "You know, there's plenty of that outside." :)


A good pic of me snapped by my FAV sister-in-law while shooting Ben & Constance. I think my in-laws are sick and tired of seeing pictures all the time without me in they make it a point to go trigger-happy on me when I'm around. haha

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Velmina said...

My Beautiful Daughter in Law!!