Friday, November 13, 2009

So, November is turning out to be quite the beautiful photo month. I have had such good luck lately with super-awesome days for my sessions. This one actually was in Little Rock, Arkansas with Ben & Constance. I'd never met or even spoken to them before this session, but they did a great job in front of the camera and we had a very very very very gooooooood photo-lovin'-time.

I will say one thing about is not in short supply of photographic scenes. I swear I could just drive around any given area and have my nose pressed to the window, seeing all the places I'd love to pull over and photograph. Those of you who know me can totally visualize the nose on the window right now, can't you?! haha

We went to the bridge that Ben proposed to Contance...and we had a lot of photo-goodness there.

I love how you can see her lashes...I have a thing for lashes.
This is my kind of picture. :)
Thanks Ben & Contance for letting a total stranger boss you around all day. :)

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Sarah Rimel said...

LOVE that shot in the...tunnel? tube? Not sure - but it's really cool. Great session!