Monday, July 13, 2009

A good fellow-photog-friend called me last week and told me she badly injured her "trigger finger" for the camera...and asked if I would fill in for her Product Photography assignment for Sugar Babies Bakery. That three letter title, Sugar Babies Bakery, was enough for me to say yes!

This is an awesome family locally owned and operated business. Lance is the business manager/dishwasher, Sonya is the master baker, and their three kids are their trusty assistants. I love to see local business run with such care and commitment.

Below I have featured just 2 of their very, delicious and tasty cakes that I photographed. I picked these two to show off because they were supposed to be mine. The one of the left was a coffee flavored cake that you just have NO IDEA how good it was. I accidentally left the cake at our first session location. SO BUMMED! But Lance and Sonya offered to replace that one for a Chocolate Rassberry cake, which looked like it was worth every calorie. And, once again, I accidentally left it at our second session location. In fact, I got all the way home bragging to friends about how I was going to have a fantastic dessert that evening, before I realized it wasn't in the car. :( How sad was I....


And I must not forget to mention all the product taste testers. This is superior quality control here. I think they all approved. :)

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Sarah Rimel said...

LOVE these images! That first shot is especially fantastic! You did an amazing fun. I'd say I was sooo jealous I didn't get to taste any of the delicious treats...but I guess you didn't either. haha

I can't thank you enough. I'm working on your cape...SuperPhotog to the rescue! :-)

Christina Sandberg said...

This post makes me smile :)

Ellen said...

Love these photos! and Love Sugar Babies - and I've had the coffee I feel your pain!