Monday, July 20, 2009

Last week went to my Dad and Step-Mom's house to visit for a grand celebration of having my step-bro, Matt (I know, confusing having multiple Matt's in the same family) coming to town for a visit. He and his girlfriend are expecting a baby, I think in December. This is a shot of Kim and Matt...precious. :)
This is my "Brother Bear" as my dad calls him.
And this is a sight I NEVER EVER EVER saw growing I had to catch the glorious moment. That's right... My Dad. Yellow Rubber Gloves. Dish work. Unbelievable. haha My sisters are gonna get a kick out of this one, for sure!
And this is a quick shot of Kim's published work: Leap of Faith. She's a talented and passionate romantic/action/suspense writer...who has finally pushed her writing out of the way long enough to go get one of her many many many novels published.
If anyone's looking for a good book to can find it at a couple local Borders and also here:

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