Saturday, March 14, 2009

This year was Tate's first time to play basketball...and since there was a lack of volunteer coaches, Matt decided to give it a shot. It really has been amazing to watch these 9 boys go from barely able to dribbling the ball to learning plays and giving it their all. I had a really good time getting to know the players and their families and I really hope we can play all together again next season. I have this little dream that maybe these boys will play together for a long time and I will get to watch them all grow up. (tear) ...but that thought just makes me think I'm aging too fast. Ahhhh!

This really is THE neighborhood pizza place. Great pizza, great accommodations for local sports teams and parties, and....
...they have a BALLOON MAN that comes in on Tuesday evenings. And our party was on a TUESDAY! WAHOOO!


This is one of Niki's boyfriends...and looking at this picture, I can't tell if they are having spat or if they're popping balloons. :)
Ok....I thought this was soooooo sweet. All the parents got together and gave Matt a gift card and had the players all sign a thank you page. This was especially fun for me to watch, because he gets soooo embarressed in front of a crowd. Take notice to the bright red patch on his cheek...and the tips of his ears. haha

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Charis said...

Looks like fun! :o)

Anonymous said...

What a handsome young man! I am so proud of all the work you have put into helping Tate with his basketball team! Love mom

Trisha--Grammoo said...

My little grandson is growning up too fast! Isn't he a handsome young man? All the boys did great, including the coach! ;~)