Sunday, November 11, 2007

Taylor & Brooke are my best friend's nieces that are too adorable for words. Being around them is always a treat because they are like miniture adults. They are so polite and their coversations are so interesting. Here are a few pictures from when I kidnapped them for a few hours.

This is Brooke.

This is Taylor.
This is them sporting their super cool dino tatoos.During our session the girls were so cooperative and followed me while I took the lead. After a while, Taylor said her and Brooke were my "peeps". So I was the "Big peep" and they were my "lil peeps". They talked me into setting the good ol' self timer and doing a jump picture with our "peep" trio.
There were soooo many amazing pictures from our session, but I can't share them. :( They are to be a Christmas surprise for their parents.

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