Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today I photographed the some of the coolest people I know...the Grosdidier & Koehn families. I think I was born into the wrong family and was meant to be in this one. :) Definitely some of best characters I've ever met.
Before we got started on our photography adventure, we had a little fault really. I forgot to do a quick sweep of my house to ensure child safety (one of the kids was just a wee toodler). Right before taking pictures, Christian (the youngest) took a metal bat to his cousin's face. OUCHIE!!! I reassured his mother I would be able to remove the gigantic purple lump from his portraits, but I just had to show off his battle wound. He is a tough kid.
Introducing Nathaniel.
Introducing Madison.
Introducing Daniel.
Introducing Makayla.
Introducing Christian.

Thank you Karen & Jason, Brent & Kim, Brandon & Charis, and all the your wonderful kids for making the trip all the way out here. It is always great to see you all, can't wait til next time.

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