Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whoops! I just realized today that I completely forgot to make one last post on the old blogger Blog to let everyone know I have moved another blog.
I've been working on the new one for a couple weeks now and just got so focused on getting it up and running, that I neglected my old blog.

Anyway, definitely check it out and RSS/subscribe to it if you want to stay current on posts.

For family and friends, I had also created a personal blog.

I decided to divide the blogs (business/personal) because I don't always have time to glamorize my personal everyday images but don't exactly feel comfortable showing them off on my blog for clients and all to see and think "ek, those pictures look like crap".

Not to say my personal life images are crap...they just are a raw photojournalistic approach. ;)

Check 'em both out. Thanks everyone!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Finally...some better weather! Just in time for Natalynn's 4th birthday! Don't these pictures just make you happy and excited for Spring?

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