Monday, February 22, 2010

The long cold winter has forced me to look forward to artificial sunshine. [Enters Lacey & Al]

Maternity sessions are always fairly tricky for me because I love to get creative and do something unique for every one in front of my camera...and given the temperature outside, even more limitations are applied. In tossing around ideas with Lacey, I got this picture in my head and I had to try and unleash it. Thank to Lacey and Al, I'm quite happy with the shot. I still need a kick @$$ title for it (something like "He's coming! Read all about it!), so if you got ideas...share 'em.
These last two were just us goofing around and I found them to be quite hysterical. This first one is Al and his super-excitedness of becoming a new Dad. FYI: Those toy cars and baseball cards are his childhood treasures.
This one is us having some fun with "Big Al" (some of you might remember seeing "Big Al" on display at the last Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal show).
Lacey, you make such a cute, happy prego. Congrats!

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Sarah Rimel said...

Love that first shot! So unique and interesting.