Saturday, January 9, 2010

Every parent loves going to these after school gatherings for long lines, spilled drinks, total confusion & chaos, loud music echoing off the gym walls that you can't even discern a tune, and the constant search for one of your kids in a sea of kids that look alike. ...right? hahahaha I will admit that even thinking about these things makes me want to take an aspirin, but the kids love it so...why not.
We went to cookies with Santa at the school a few weeks ago, and it was pandemonium. You would think that since I'm a PTA member, volunteer on Wednesdays, and have a son who has been attending this school for the past 4 years that I would know what to do...but no. I saw a line formed in front of the stage where Santa was naturally, I think "let's get in line". We waited patiently for about 40 minutes, line not really moving, before I finally went to investigate. Apparently, we were supposed to go to the front entrance of the school and sign in, receive a #, and wait for our # to be called to see Santa. Hummm. It's ok though...we got to go have cookies while we waited another 35 minutes. :)

Here's a couple videos of me trying to prep the kids for Santa so that they wouldn't take up too much time.


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