Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I called Matt on the way home from my wedding Saturday to chat...and he was in a good mood but seemed a little suspicious about something. He told me he had something he wanted to talk to me about in person when he got home. hummmm....unusual. So, I get home, and he leads me into the kitchen and starts off with "Honey...don't be mad..." hummmm....this isn't looking good. "Honey, I went to Zona Rosa today with the kids to let them play, and Niki asked to get her ears 'pinched' at Claire's." AWWW!!! "OH, MY BIG GIRL HAS PIERCED EARS NOW!!!, Let me see the pictures!" as I started jumping up and down all excited... and then his smile slowly faded... (I know...dramatic, eh...).

Matt took Niki to get her ears pierced, to which she didn't scream and cry, she was TOTALLY brave...but he didn't take video or a single photograph...not even with his camera phone. :(
So, I wasn't mad that I wasn't there for the momentous occasion, just that there was not documentation what-so-ever. errrrr....


On Sunday, to celebrate Niki's new, beautiful ears...I decided to clean them up a bit and take them to Parkville for some bike riding and a few updating pictures. We unloaded the bike and tricyle out of the trunk and were immediately embarrassed when we saw the kids start their ride. Apparently they both have grown a foot over the winter and their little rides are too little for them now. HAHA!





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Anonymous said...

She is so sweet. I love the earings.

Sarah Rimel said...

Their itty bitty bikes just gave me a really good laugh. That's hilarious! I like Tate's hair...Maddox desperately needs a cut and I'm thinking of going short. Pondering.

Velmina said...

What an Absolutely Beautiful Family!! But I would like to see a photo of Mom once in awhile...please!