Sunday, February 8, 2009

AH!, I just realized I was in such a hurry to get some "teasers" posted, that I forgot to come back and write a few words.
Lacey, Allen, and I met up a few weeks ago for drinks and talked about their wedding plans in May, and also about ideas for where to do engagements since it's super cold outside. We tossed around some ideas, but when Allen told me that he proposed to Lacey on a private plane out at Johnson County Executive airport...that was basically IT for me.
AND how rockin' was it to have our February day be 70 degrees!!!
This first picture is the exact plane they flew in during the proposal...and it just so happened, their pilot (BOB), was there when we were taking pictures. SO...I had him model for me. :)

I LOVE this shot. Total sweetness!
Everyone knows I'm a sucker for the funny I have named this one as my favorite from the session. I'm attracted to humor.

This is Lacey & Allen's SIGNATURE shot. When I talked to them for ideas for their signature shot, I asked them if there was something unique they did...and Allen told me about how when they first started dating, they were on a car ride. He was holding her hand over the middle console...when out of the blue Lacey pivots their laid-down forearms to an upward 90 degree level. Allen said he was nervous that maybe she was trying to get him to let go of her hand...but she kept hold of it...just holding it up. So, he decided to lift up their arms and shout "CHAMPIONS". HAHA I can just see the puzzled look on Lacey's face. :) (Allen, you're a riot!)
Again...the humor. I can't get enough of it! This is Allen indulging me. hehehe

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No. 1 Fan!!! said...

WOW!! Love the pics. Your an amazing photographer!! Can't wait to see more.