Saturday, January 17, 2009

Remember me telling you about my sister, Amanda's, fabulous opportunity to be one of the stylists for the Sagii International Fashion event that is touring the US. Well...she called me a few days ago and asked what I was doing Friday. last night I was one of the event photographers and I was assigned to photograph the hunky Maurice Valentino, from the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. WHOA! That man is beautiful! I brought Matt (aka: Hubby) with me, so I didn't want to stare too hard. haha!
I don't know...I think my hubby's pretty beautiful too. :)
Check out that super tough guy with Maurice, 2nd row on the right. That was his bodyguard for the evening. Those guys were very entertaining. Below that pic is one with me, Maurice, and my sister. By the way, she did most of the hair styles on the models for the event. Again, I must mention how amazingly talented she is. I'm so proud of her.

Check out the model on the right. I ate a cookie, then took this picture. It made me want to immediately go do some sit-ups. HAHA! Oh, did I forget to mention that Sagii International is a futuristic lingerie apperal line. Seriously...being around all these models in next to nothing got me thinking about my gym schedule for the next week. :)

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Reggie Banks, Sr. said...

Hi Litle Lady,

What GREAT shots from your "little baby"!!!!Had a FUN time talking with you about the cameras and the show!

Reggie B-BCP,inc.