Monday, January 26, 2009

Movie 8, originally uploaded by Click Photography KC.

In September of 2008, I switched from a Windows computer to a Fancy-Amazing-Beautiful 24" iMac computer...and in doing so, I found a super cool thing included with the computer, called Photobooth. This neat little software that utilizes the built-in cam and microphone was actually the deal breaker in decided whether to get the iMac or a Mac Tower. My kids are obsessed with Photobooth.

Anyway... I had the iMac in the living room for a short time while I transitioned things from my PC to the new system. I would let my kids play around with it from time to time (while supervised). Apparently, they also got onto the computer when I wasn't looking. Just a little bit ago, I just happened to accidentally stumble upon this file and I am still laughing over it. This is GOLD to me. It completely shows them as they truly are more than 95% of the time. I can't wait to show this to them when they are all grown.
Just had to share my little monsters with you.

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Anonymous said...

These children are hysterical! What's wrong with the little girl? Her head is misshaped...was it a birth defect?

Sarah Rimel said...

That's awesome! Makes me want to plant hidden cameras in the house. Just kidding...or am I?