Friday, June 27, 2008

WOW!!!! KONG-FU-PHOTOGRAPHY POW! Kourtney and Jason have got the moves! Photographing them last night at their rehearsal was toooooo much fun. We had ourselves a little party-parade around Brookridge Golf Course for a fan-freakin-tastic E-Session before their dinner. Major thanks to my two light-girls, my rent-a-bag-boy, and another guy who's purpose was mostly served as Kourtney & Jason's personal cheer-leader. :)
I love the coloring on this gives it a artistic HollyWood feel, don't you think?
How SEXY is THIS!!!! Had to give some attention to the Bling. This looks like a high-fashion pic...something like Victoria's Secret, but clothed. :)
Jason has got to be thinking "I'm a lucky guy!" right about now.
This is the "sexy-almost-kiss", as was instructed by my talented crew (some of the bridal party).
There should have been some "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack playing..."Hey Baby...I want to knowwwwww, will ya be my girl..."
It was breezy last night...some of the golfers got quite the show. Purrrr... :)
As I as taking this, I thought how cool it would be for them to do this exact same picture in about 60 years.
A little grudge action of the last shot of our party-parade. this is the look when someone realizes they've been caught in the act. had something to do with baby tomatoes...
Kourtney and their family does this "Beaver" thing which is HYSTERICAL! They put two baby tomatoes in their upper gums and try to sing a beaver song without them popping out. I don't think I could do it without laughing so hard I'd choke on them....but these are professional beaver singers right here.
Oh...and can't forget the ladies doing the "Bend" &...
Kourtney & Jason get married this Saturday and I am so ready! If the rehearsal (which are typically the most stressful part of wedding planning) was this much fun, I expect the wedding day is going to be even better.

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